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So what's the story?

It all started

Us a hate - love relationship, watergirl cheated on fireboy and know she seeks revenge


They start fighting eachother, fireboy want to destroy the watergirl


after we defeat watergirl we will continue our journey to slaughter all solana meme tokens.

About us

Embark on an epic adventure With The Fireboy Coin, the  secret weapon poised to change the game! Designed to overcome Watergirl's  toughest  challenges, this coin brings unparalleled elemental  power.  with each  Fireboy coin collected,  you edge closer to victory over the   water  element, , ensuring  absolute  dominance in this gaming realm. Prepare yourself to master the battlefield with the  fiery power of the fireboy coin and prove that only fire can extinguish water!


1 Billion Total Supply

Already burned 350M

tax 0/0

Contract revoked

no presale no airdrop

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